2017 announcement

» 2017 announcement

Important Announcement:

      Due to recent operations on one shoulder and an injury to the other, I will not physically be able to make a new angel this year (2017).  I am very sorry and sad to announce this, but it is beyond my control -- getting old is a real adventure!  I had a really special idea for this year's angel, but will have to postpone it until next year.  Although you may be disappointed this year, please check back next year.  Despite my age, I really want to keep creating new angels, and I hope that I will be able to do so for many years in the future.  Please don't forget about me! Although all of my angels from past years are out of stock, I would be willing to make you one or two if you are missing any of the past angels -- that much I am able to do. 

SPECIAL NOTE ------------     I  have two very special "one of a kind" large ships that I made about 35 years ago for myself which I intend to sell.  Click on the link "Large Glass Ships" in the "Glassblowing Menu" on the right hand side of this page.  Please consider these for that special person or special boss.

     Thank you for your continuing interest in my products! 

     Thank you for being one of my valued customers over all the years!

Ed Carberry