2018 announcement

» 2018 announcement


          Now that most of my medical problems have been addressed,  I now want to announce my new angel, and I think that it is quite special. I realize that this is about three months earlier than usual, but I just can’t make them as easily and as quickly as I did 30 or 40 years earlier.  Old age happens!

         The 2018 Carberry glassblown angel is holding a magical gem known as OPAL.  I am certain that if the three kings had known about this remarkable gem, that they would have brought gold, frankinsese and opal! 

         Most people have heard of opals and many have seen them, but few have witnessed their magic.  Whenever any light falls on their surfaces, some have the amazing quality to display, to flash, a wide range of the brilliant colors of the rainbow.  The colors and their intensities change as one views the gem from different angles.  In sunlight, some of the colors are spectacular, but even in a dimly lit room, most will still display a remarkable vivid play-of-color.  They are indeed “magic stones”. 

         Being a scientist and an amateur geologist and also a glassblower, I am especially excited to offer these beautiful angels to you. 
         These are relatively new minerals — gems.  It was not until 1849 that geologists first found these amazing gem stones in Australia, which has become the dominant force in the opal market for over 100 years. But today, Ethiopia is becoming the second heavyweight in the opal market.  The opals that I use on my angels are “rough opals” from Ethiopia, that is that they have not yet been polished and faceted into true gems that jewelers would use. All of these include some of the matrix, the non-gem material in which the opals were grown.  Personally, I  think that these are all the more beautiful because of this matrix material.

         For those of you who are gem lovers, I have also created a limited number of angels that include both a gem-quality opal and also a “rough” opal.  The gems come in two sizes, xxx carat and xxxs carrat. I obtained all of my opal specimens through a wholesale dealer.  Nonetheless, each rough opal cost me about $4.75 each and the xxx carat specimens, ffff (worth at least $xxx retail), and the larger xxxx carat specimens, ffff  (esworth at least $xxx retail).  Thus the cost of this year’s angels will be $32.00 ($29.66 + $2.34 tax) for the regular angel with rough opal, $xxx ($29.66 + $2.34 tax) for the special angel with a rough opal plus a xxx carat gem, and $xxx for the special angel with a rough opal plus a xxx carat gem. 

         It is nearly impossible to capture the “fiery colors” in photographs, but those shown above will give you a general idea of what your angel would look like. Remember that each angel is unique and different — especially this 2018 angel!

     Thank you for your continuing interest in my creations! 

     Thank you for being one of my valued customers over all the years!

Ed Carberry