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Written by Ed Wednesday, 07 October 2015 08:21

THE 2015 CARBERRY ANGEL - Ed's 40th Angel!


    It is quite likely that each one of us has had at least one teddy bear when we were children. The 2015 angel features an angel holding a fuzzy teddy bear.

   Even in this digital age, if you look hard enough, you will probably discover that somewhere in the midst all the other toys and dolls and action figures there is probably at least one teddy bear. Teddy bears are still among the most popular gifts for children and sometimes given to adults to signify love, congratulations or sympathy. Everybody loves a soft & cuddly teddy bear! 

    It is interesting that the name “teddy bear” comes from former United States President Theodore Roosevelt, who was commonly known as "Teddy". The name originated from an incident which occurred during a hunting trip in Mississippi in 1902. The first of these commercial bears were produced by the Ideal Novelty and Toy Co.

You can order one or more of the 2015 angel simply by clicking on the one of the buttons below. 

    If you want to pickup your order from our home  select this button: Then enter the quantity wanted on the order page and then select "update".  You may add angels from other years by selecting the "continue shopping" button. 
     If you want us to ship your order, select the total number of angels you want by scrolling down in the box below using the right-hand arrow and then select the "Add to Cart" button below:
Number of Angels Ordered to be shipped

This year I got a lot of help making these bears from a real expert.  Below you will see him hard at work.
Last Updated on Sunday, 01 November 2015 20:09
Written by Ed Monday, 03 November 2014 21:42

You-Tube Videos: Making a 2012 Carberry Angel


I would like to invite you to watch me making a 2012 angel (GIFT OF GOLD), from beginning to end.  Watch this two part YouTube video by clicking on each of the links below. 

                     Making An 2012 Angel: PART ONE

                     Making An 2012 Angel: PART TWO

Last Updated on Sunday, 01 November 2015 20:11


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From Russia With Love