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Written by Ed Sunday, 10 November 2019 00:59

The 2020 Angel




I am really sorry to say that I will not be making any 2020 angels.

This is hard for me to say because I have several really great ideas on some new angels, and I really enjoy making them. But you won't be shocked to learn that the reason is partially because of my age. This is so difficult to believe and admit -- I thought I would be thirty-five for ever and I thought I could continue to leap forward full of energy at every task as I have done for over sixty years. Well, I can't. And for a creative energy-filled guy this is exceptionally hard to admit. It really is. 

Another factor is certainly the horrible Covid-19 pandemic. This virus does scare me. As I mentioned, I am quite old (nearly 80), but I have also numerous autoimmune problems. So I am concerned about it, for sure. But other "small" irritations also influenced my decision. After 52 years of living on First Street, and despite numerous assurances from the city, they decided to tear up the street to replace utilities, and that part is fine. But they also decided on adding a sidewalk, meaning the cutting down of some of our very mature trees, and just about totally destroying my magnificent wildflower garden which has finally matured after eight years. To many these may seem like just a bunch of "weeds". Well, they mean very much to me and I had to seem them bulldozed away. 

The world is facing numerous and simultaneous crises. As a scientist, I understand many of these problems. I am very sorry to bring in politics, so I will not to do so very long, but we are entering an era where science it totally ignored. Scientific paths to try to alleviate global warming, climate change and air pollution warnings are scoffed at. Scientists who try to guide our government are ignored, and new facts are created by our president no matter what the scientists tell him. This is sad and tragic. 

Well, I could list many other upsetting things, but probably most of you could not feel the anger that I have stewing in my head.

So, again I am sorry about the lack of an angel this year, but that is how it will be. Angels from previous years will also be unavailable right now. Sorry. 


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