From Russia With Love

» From Russia With Love

In the winter of 1996 Dr. Bruce Mattson (Creighton University) and Dr. Edward Carberry (Southwest State University) were invited to give a series of chemistry lectures at prestigious universities in numerous Russian cities. These included Moscow, Perm, Yuroslavl and Tver as well as Vilnius, Lithuania. Our Russian translator and companion, Dr. Sergei Traven, was a great photographer providing us with excellent documentation of the memorable trip. In addition, Dr. Mattson, a first-rate writer, recorded our adventures and put these together in an extremely readable on-line book. The stories are wonderful, the pictures remarkable, and the memories of the experiences unforgettable. Be our guest, and view this interesting on-line publication free of charge. As a bonus, there are even some great Russian recipes included. Relive the trip with us!

From Russia with Love

Text by Bruce Mattson
Photography by Sergei Traven


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