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National Hand Torch $49.95
National Hand Torch

This is probably one of the most widely used torches by glassblowers of all kinds.  These pre-mix torches are designed for use with either natural gas, propane or butane along with oxygen.  Any 7/16" - 24 thread tips (NOX-1,2,3,4 or 5) can be used.  One NOX-5 and one NOX-3 are included. fig7.jpg
Stainless Steel Stand for National Torch $38.00
Stainless Steel Stand for National Torch

These used heavy-duty stainless steel stands are ideal for use with National Hand Torches.  A torch can be quickly and easily removed for use in your hands.  This is the best torch holder we have ever used.  (Torch shown in this photo is NOT included.) torch 1.25x2 pc280001.jpg
Carbide Glass Knife $15.00
Carbide Glass Knife

These are the handiness glass knives around.  The carbide knifes can be replaced, but won't need to be for some time, as there are four sharp cutting edges.  These are light and handy -- a must for every glass bench. knife.jpg

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